June 5 - August 20

Letnia Gra 2024 Take part in our games!

Get carried away with sports excitement and compete for fantastic prizes all summer long with your MultiSport card!
Enter the game!
Letnia Gra is on!
day43 of Letnia Gra
The rules are simple!
Join the game!
Do you have an active MultiSport card? Create a game account and take part in our games! If you do not have an active card, order a card at emultisport.pl or from your employer.
Perform tasks
Train regularly, complete tasks on the platform, and step by step climb to the top of the ranking. 
Collect credits
Earn credits in two ways: solve tasks in 11 stages and collect medals throughout the game! 
Receive prizes!
Compete for the main prizes in the medal table, plus receive vouchers to our partners. 
We have fantastic prizes for you! 
First degree prizes 
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Main prizes 3x
Thermomix TM6 for the first 3 places!
Second degree prizes 
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Subsequent places 180x
Sport Watches for 180 people!
Third degree prizes
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Subsequent places 1000x
JBL headphones
and sports towel
for 1,000 participants!
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Throughout the game, redeem credits for discount vouchers to: Empik, Zalando, Allegro, Decathlon, MultiBilet!
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9004 pln of 30 000 pln
The Veritas Foundation
9003 pln of 30 000 pln
Białe Orły
11977 pln of 30 000 pln
The Foundation "Rozwój Integracja Sport"
Train for a noble cause and do a MultiUczynek!
Become a Superaltruist! Throughout Letnia Gra, you can donate credits to support a charity campaign of your choice.
Encourage others to join 
Breathe sports spirit into your friends. Invite other MultiSport card users to join Letnia Gra and earn extra credits. 
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